Saturday, May 25, 2013


This may be looks not good. But, there is a special in it. I didn't copy it. I just drawn from what I thought. How about a comment for a cocktail?

It took me an hour. I was happy, when I finished it without copying.


Yes it is a pond. Actually I just did it from a tutorial. That guy used some scratch technique to draw a detail between the small plants. Choose what do you think?

It tooks less than half an hour. It kind of easy too. Try it.

Gateway of India

In the beginning, I felt this would be harder than any other drawings. But I just needed to look detailed. That's enough. I really didn't know that I could draw it. What do you think?

This looks noisy. This won't happen again.

It took me two hours to finish this drawing.

Assault Rifle

Here it is my first drawing. I just copied it from one of a genius designer. I hope you would like this one. Even if you don't, give your opinion in What do you think?.

It took me 45 minutes to finish this draw